3 comments on “Excuses not to Write

  1. Hey Andy, sounds like you’ve made a great decision there! Well done for coming this far. It’s a great achievement to have decided to take on writing a book so always remember that! Small, unique challenges really help me to test myself. Even the 23 minute challenge really helped. Keep it up! Mark
    P.s. Thanks for the link! Much appreciated

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  2. I too have the procrastination demon. Have you ever read about if-then planning? It works in helping you rebuild habits and reach new goals. For instance, I think if you set something like ” if it is 8pm on M-WF, then I will write for 30 min.” It essentially removes the possibility of distraction and makes it easier for you to do.

    Here is a very brief article, but there are books and blogs that go more in depth and some even angled towards writers.


    You’re doing great, keep it up! Can’t wait to read future blog posts and your forthcoming novel. 🙂


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