When Inspiration Strikes

Last night, while I was trying to calm my brain down enough to fall asleep, I was hit with a sudden idea for a story. It always seems I am hit with these inspirations when I am not in a position to write them down. In bed at the edge of sleep is generally when they happen. Surprisingly, I have always told myself, “Oh I will write that down tomorrow.” But I never do and then the idea is gone. So last night, I actually grabbed my phone and just typed out what had come to mind.

She is awoken from her sleep by something scratching on the window screen. She tells herself it is just a branch in the wind. Moments later, her room is flooded with light. Something has set off the motion sensor in the backyard. Again, she thinks of the wind. Next, her dog is up and staring into the backyard. She can’t bring herself to look. She is frozen with fear. A low growl starts to rumble from the dog as she closes her eyes and continues to repeat, “It’s just the wind.” The light goes out and once again her room is dark. The dog lies back down and silence fills the vacant space. She is almost back to sleep when the light floods her room again; she rolls over and looks towards the window. She sees a faceless man staring at her.

Of course, after I wrote this out, I couldn’t get the idea out of my head and falling asleep became even more difficult. Thank goodness for my rain sounds app.

I have decided, I need to start keeping a notebook and pen by my bed at all times for cases like this. I would be so disappointed if I had lost that. It will fit nicely into my book. I will also be sure that I always have a small notebook in my purse for when these hit me during the day. Or when I have a break and can just brainstorm ideas. I could make more lists! I also like to pull inspiration from real life. Sometimes, I will be at Job #2 and a customer will come in and I can’t help but think what an interesting character they would be. I try to memorize every detail I can about them. I want to start a character journal that is just full of character profiles to use later on. Unfortunately, I cannot always get away to write things down when I am at Job #2. I will need to find a way around that from now on. Any suggestions?

Where is the most inconvenient place inspiration has hit you? Or the weirdest place?

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