Time after Time

Welp. It has been 32 days since I started this. With the exception of 2 days, I have managed to write everyday. On here. I have posted on here. But I haven’t been writing. I haven’t been working on my book. The whole reason I started this blog was to get me writing everyday so I would finish my book. I have been falling flat with my weekly word count and June 1st is going to be here before I know. I know that nothing will happen to me if I don’t finish by June 1st. But I will be embarrassed. I will have proven that yet again, I am too lazy to even complete my life goals.

This week I turn 28. I have graduated high school, gone to college (multiple colleges), graduated college, got a salaried job (not in my degree field but whatever), I have started traveling more, seeing places I have never seen, I have started planning my first trip to swim with sharks (another life goal on my list). But for some reason, this book continues to elude me. Day after day, I let it slip through the cracks and don’t work on it. This blog was supposed to correct that but it isn’t. It has become me whining about not being able to write. I have succumbed to my excuses on more than one occasion. If I don’t find a better way soon, I will let this fall through cracks too. I will stop posting, then I will delete it because I will still be getting emails from other blogs I follow and it will make me feel guilty. Then I will stop using my Twitter and my now 51 followers (up from 16 when I started this blog) will start to go away. Eventually, I will be back where I started with no ending in site for my book. And by the time i start writing again, it will be too late and I won’t be able to get back to here. Maybe here isn’t that impressive to most people but for me, it is. So why is it so easy for me to just let it all turn to ash and blow away? Why do I keep asking you the same questions over and over and never actually doing anything to get to an answer? I am that annoying friend who always asks for the same advice but never actually takes it. That has got to stop. I will stop today. Tomorrow, I will have something different to post about here.

To start with, I am almost done with the book I am reading and will try to write a review about it. I realized I never did it for the first one. I guess, I could still do that. Y’all probably don’t want to read two book reviews in a row though? I guess you probably don’t want to read all my whiny posts either. It will probably be a nice change.

Okay, so I promise, starting tomorrow, only one whiny post a week will be allowed a week but I will try my best to avoid them all together.


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Oops I did it again

Due to an impromptu game of beer pong on my porch last night I totally forgot to post. Job #2 was a beating this whole weekend and I guess my mind chose other things. Posting on the weekends is definitely difficult. I’ve just got to start setting reminders on my phone I guess. 

That being said, this is gunna be another short one. Sorry but the excuses are winning this weekend. 


Yesterday, I shared my vignette on twitter. I tagged Ok Go in it and they actually retweeted it! It was so cool. I got the most likes I’ve ever gotten on a twitter post and 4 total retweets. I even got some extra traffic to the blog. It was a pretty exciting day for me. I got a taste of what it would be like to be popular on twitter. I gotta say, while it was very cool and I hope to have more moments like that, it was a little crazy to have my phone constantly going off with notifications. But then when they stopped I was sad. My literal 15 minutes of fame ended. It was cool while it lasted. I guess the way to get attention on here for now is to find the right famous people who will actually share my stuff and bring attention to me. I guess that makes sense though. Everything these days is about who you know. I really need to work harder on my networking. I haven’t been putting as much effort into that as I should be. I have gotten my twitter followers up but it still isn’t a very big number. We can do this guys! Maybe it is time to do a contest or something? What are some contest ideas to bring in followers? I guess the prize would have to be something really awesome…let’s brain storm guys! Leave me comments on contest ideas to draw in new followers! Wooo!

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Well, it happened. I officially missed a day. I had every intention of writing but I let myself keep getting distracted and then I went out and from there it had no chance. I totally forgot and then it was too late. I will admit I did wrong, accept my mistake and move on. No dwelling. Dwelling will just make me stubborn and I will stop all together.12743647_10153854884856291_3517265962251440651_n

Moving on, I started following this facebook page, The Writer’s Circle. They post things
I can really relate to as a writer. It makes me feel better. It’s one thing to know you aren’t the only one dealing with something. But it is another to actually see that you aren’t the only one dealing with something. It helps to see the posts about writer’s block and procrastination. My two main problems with finishing this book. They also post lists for different ways to say a weird or examples for describing things. I hoping that seeing their posts everyday on facebook will help keep me motivated to write.


Got to keep moving forward guys!

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Mucking Around


You will never guess who got a head start on her vignette for this week! I know! I am shocked too. Of course, I am requiring myself to post two on Thursday since I didn’t post one last week…shame shame. I am grounding myself until I get my assignments done. I will probably have to switch to hand writing for as much as I can just to keep myself away from all the distractions of the internet. My hand/wrist has been bothering me so much lately though that I can write longer if I am typing but I generally get less done because I manage to always get sucked into the internet. Until I can manage to get my work done more consistently I will force myself to hand write.

I do enjoy hand writing. I actually prefer it. But this hand/wrist thing has really gotten bad. I wrote a letter yesterday, only 2 pages front and back and it took me forever because I had to keep stopping because I was in pain. I broke my wrist in junior high and never let it heal properly. Ever since then I would sprain it really easily lately, it is getting weaker. I should probably see about doing some PT for it. I wonder if it would make a difference at this point? I don’t see why not. (Don’t you love when I answer my own questions?) As long as it continues to bother me it is just one more excuse on my long list that I have to fight against. And being in pain is a difficult excuse to fight.

I just stopped writing this I could Google exercises for hand and wrist pain. It is also possible I have carpal tunnel. I will have to start doing some of the exercises to keep my wrists in check…don’t you just love the internet? That is exactly why I will start grounding myself from typing and strictly hand write things. It is more difficult to keep from getting distracted at the office because I still need to keep my computer open but at home, I won’t let myself type up what I’ve written until I have finished. I am just too easily distracted right now and especially since I am struggling so much to stay focused on my writing, the less distractions the better.

Maybe I should come up with some reward system for myself. Any thoughts on what I should be required to do to earn rewards? Or thoughts on what the rewards should be?

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Huh? What?

Most of you already know this but for those that don’t, I also love to paint. I don’t paint things that look like things. I am more of an abstract painter. I love it. One of the things I love about it is that with abstract it can be anything. It is all about perspective. It doesn’t matter what I see when I’m painting it. Another person may see something entirely different. A month later, I may see something entirely different. Perspective is one of those things that’s different for everyone. I always try to find the most positive perspective when things come up in life and with my writing. Sure I am struggling to write at the moment. My posts right now are short and kind of whiney but at least I am posting.

Ok so it has been about 4 hours since I started this post. I have completely lost my train of thought. I have no clue where I was going with this. That is exactly how my head has been the past week. I cannot stay focused to save my life. My mind is everywhere. I can’t settle it. What things are you supposed to eat to help you focus? I need them. All of them. HELP! And now I am signing The Beatles! Sheesh brain! FOCUS!

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The bar

After a long weekend back at job #2 I find myself at the bar. While Sunday night isn’t the usual time for people to go the bar, I do find it to be pretty enjoyable. I get to drink away my stress from the weekend and people watch at the same time. There are so many characters at the bar that I can see while I’m writing even though they aren’t getting including my book.

For example, the late 40s woman with short blonde hair, a visor, a wind breaker suit and a blue tooth ear piece in. She is very friendly but I’m not sure she is in the right year. My inner smart ass wants to let her know that  2008 Bluetoothed and they want her to come home.

There is also the guy who just ordered a round of shots for him and his friend. Althoug, he keeps mentioning his kid. Now, I don’t want to attack good fathers. If you love your kid that is awesome. But no one wants to be thinking about your 5 yr old daughter while they are drinking…at least, no one you want to know.

We can’t forget the amazing bartenders. Being able to just get a drink without ordering is pretty nice. You feel special and like you actually exist. A good bartender is always on top of her game and the bartenders working tonight are no exception. When a bartender knows what you’re thinking before you thought it, then you may go to that bar too much.

OR they are really amazing at their jobs. My local bar is kind of a mixture. I may go more than I should, but the bartenders always know what I need.

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