Finding a place to Write

Whenever I try and sit down to write, I always run into the same problems.

  • It’s too quiet
  • It’s too loud
  • I can’t get comfortable to type on my laptop
  • The table/chair combination I am using is the wrong height for hand writing

So far, I have found two places that are conducive to my creativity.

  1. My office at work: I can comfortably type on my computer. This probably the only space I can sit at the computer and type for a long period of time. There is background sound but nothing that is particularly catching my interest. Also, there are my coworkers who are always so encouraging. I can bounce ideas off of them, ask for advice on word usage, and they even help me find words that are sometimes eluding me.
  2. The bar: I found this to be the perfect setting for me to hand write. The bar and the bar stools are the perfect height. I can sit at a corner of the bar and pretty much be left alone. Except for when the staff brings me another beer. It is my regular bar, so the customers and staff know not to bug me when I am writing. Again, there is background noise and yes every now and then I can get distracted there which may not sound great but I always manage to get inspiration while I am there. (This is another great place to find characters for future works) Even though there are TVs on, they rarely are on something I want to watch so they don’t distract me at all.

As of now, my own house is the worst place for me to try and write. I have too many reasons not to write when I am there. I think my next step in this whole process will be to create a space in my home to write. It will require me to find a desk and a good chair. You would think that an easy task, but believe it or not, I have not had much luck. I guess my next day off will require a trip out to IKEA. Maybe now that I am taking this whole thing more serious, I will have better luck. I will also need to find a place in my house to put the desk. I may need to do some rearranging. Once, I get the space corrected, I will need to figure out the lack of sound. One of my friends mentioned trying different ambient sounds. Specifically, there is a site that has a “coffee shop” option. It is kind of the perfect option for me seeing as the two places I write best have sounds like this in the background. It offers a lot of options. I am pretty excited to try it out. Check it out for yourself here.

After all that is sorted out, hopefully the animals won’t bother me too much. I will probably have to shut them out of the space I am working in.

These are all things that can be done and will be done. I have just got to keep telling myself, “I will do it.”

Where are some of your favorite places to write? Do you have as many requirements as I do?

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  1. Hi Andy, I have also tried many different locations but what I have discovered is that background music with words is too off putting. What works perfectly for me is jazz music. Like you say, a coffee shop style background should work perfectly! Mark

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  2. Noisli is the best! Thanks for the recommendation. I work really well in coffee shops, so it’s nice to have that option to work without having to put on pants. I totally agree that setting up a space in your own home to write is very useful. I need to do that too.

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