Learning to Write

Yesterday, I started working on my first vignette for the week. It was the first time I have actually written one so I employed the help of a couple of friends. One who is an English teacher at a college and currently assigned the same project to her students. She pointed out that it didn’t have my usual voice. This is something that I guess I am going to have to really work on. When I write on here, I feel like I am just talking to friends, having a conversation. But when I am writing for my book and for this vignette I am more focused on being polished. In my head I have this idea of “professional” writing that keeps me from writing a certain way. Since, my degree is not in any form of writing I never took the classes on different styles. I have always just written what comes to mind. I have written what I have imagined to be the way it is done. But when I really think about ALL the books I have read in my life, they aren’t all written the same. Every writer has their own voice. I’ve got to find mine.

I am hoping these writing challenges I give myself will help me with that. I am excited to see how my vignettes will evolve from this first one that I will post tomorrow to the one I post 6 months from now. Even though I have always considered myself a writer, and I am sure I have grown as a writer over the years, I still have a lot of growing to do.

Already this blog is opening my eyes to all the things that need to be done to finish my book. When I write here it causes me to think of things I hadn’t considered before. Plus, I get the added bonus of advice from other people. I am already learning how to become a better more focused writer.

Now, I have to get back to working on my assignment for tomorrow. Hope you guys are excited! It is one of my favorite stories.

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  1. One thing I tell my students is that there is no such thing as “formal” writing, but rather, they need to learn to write for their audience. What is acceptable for that audience? What kind of tone do they want to have? How do they want to reach their audience? It takes a long time to find your voice (I haven’t found mine), but trying things out is really useful. I think low stakes writing (like this blog) is a great way to experiment.

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