So far so Good

Welp, I made it a week! I have written every day for the blog AND finished my vignette on time to post this morning. (Don’t forget to go check it out!) The only thing I haven’t done so great with this week is working on my book. I still have today and tomorrow to get my 1000 words in, but I already procrastinated and will be forcing myself to rush to get my assignment done for the week. Of course, you guys would never know if I didn’t tell you. That is why I have decided every Friday I will post my current word count for my book at the bottom of the post. That way, I am accountable for that as well. I really am bad about not doing something if no one is there to see it isn’t being done. That is the main reason I started this blog, to keep myself accountable. You would think I didn’t want to write this book, with as many excuses as I make not to do it. I promise I do. I promise it is my dream. I am just so terribly lazy it is embarrassing. Maybe I should see someone about that? I’ve never read a self help book but maybe I’ll order one off Amazon. “How not to be so damn lazy, Andy!” Think someone has written that one yet?   Maybe, after I finish this book, I will write my own self help based on my struggle. “How to publish a book when you are REALLY lazy.”  Or “The lazy persons guide to being a published author.” Look at me, my current book doesn’t even have a title yet and this pretend one already has two. I wonder if Stephen King or Dean Koontz struggle this much to write a book? Probably not. It is probably second nature to them by now. “Oh, you want a story about ass monsters from space? I’ll have it to you by Friday. How do you feel about bacon?”

I bet their first books didn’t come so easy though. What were their first books?

Apparently, Kings first published book was Carrie and according to Google he had thrown91zwhclMvTL it away because he was discouraged with it. His wife is the one who fished it out and encouraged him to finish. Now he has published 54 novels. That is promising. I have wanted to throw mine away plenty of times. I go through phases where I hate everything I have written and it takes a friend to read it and give me feedback to get me back on board with it. Look at me! I am just like Stephen King!

51YRZsbYz+LKoontz’s first published book was Star Quest/Doom of the Green Planet which he apparently wrote “in his spare time.” I don’t have a whole lot of spare time. Any “spare” time I might have is spent catching up on sleep or spending time with the friends I never see anymore. (Side note: when I write, I consider it scheduled so spare time for me would be when I am not at one of my two jobs and not working on my writing) Something tells me we don’t share the same struggles.

I wonder how long it took Elizabeth Silver to write the book I am currently reading. It is her first novel. So far, I am enjoying it. I will probably finish it by the weekend. Maybe I will do a book review post! I’ve never actually written up a review for anything before. That will be another learning experience. Okay, it is settled. When I have finished reading this book, I will write a review post.

Anyway, I know I am not the only person in the history of the world to struggle to write a book. I’ll get it done and maybe the next one will be easier. Just got to create the habits and stick to my schedule. I am very lucky to have the support of my friends on all of this too.

June 1st will be here before I know it and I am excited to see what I’ve got when I get there. Are you?

What are some other forms of writing I should learn and practice? Maybe I should just see if I can find a creative writing class at the community college. Of course, not sure when I would have time to do that. For now, I will just stick with what I am doing. Don’t want to give myself too much or else I might get overwhelmed and just quit.

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  1. You keep going Andy, us writers find the time. It’s what we do best. A few hundred words here and there. Hey, even fifty words! Some words are better than none. You’ll get there. Just think of that feeling you will experience when you write that last sentence. I can tell you that this time last month, I put pen to paper on the very last sentence of my first novel and a lump appeared in my throat. It’s a great feeling. And even if nothing comes of it, you’ve already achieved what so many wish they could accomplish! Onwards and upwards.

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