Point of View

One of the things I have gone back and forth on for my book is POV. When I initially started, it was first person. My main character was telling her story. But I was having a hard time including details that I very much wanted the reader to know. So I switched. Currently, I am writing in third person. I am telling the story. Most of the time, I feel ok with this. But every now and then part of me wants to switch again. I don’t know why this is. I struggled so much with first person, but I feel like with a thriller it adds to the suspense. The reader only knows what the main character knows. You can only see through her eyes for the entire story and if she doesn’t see it coming, neither will you.

The book I am reading now is in first person, which is probably why I am wavering again. I am reading this book and getting side tracked. At this point, I will probably talk myself out of first person and continue to write in third. I can experiment with POV in my next book. I do already have an idea for the next. It could work well in first person. Maybe writing the vignettes will help me work on first person. They will give me more practice. I can see now, how maybe having a degree in creative writing may have been helpful for my plan here but oh well. I will work with what I have and learn as I go. Not everyone has the “proper” schooling before they start out on whatever journey they are on.

Do you have a favorite Point of View you like to write in? Or struggle with? Which do you prefer for the books you are reading?

Okay, I really need to get back to working on my writing for the book. I am behind on words.

Also, instead of adding the word count to the bottom of this blog (since I usually post in the afternoon) I have figured out how to add a widget to the right over there. I will keep it updated with my word count J that way you guys can always know where I am at. Feel free to yell at me if it isn’t moving in the correct increments. Or maybe just point it out. You don’t have to yell.


Sometimes, you just need a daily reminder

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  1. Don’t worry Andy, your not the only one that struggles with POV. Mine has been written in the third but the book I have previously read is in the first. I too cannot wait to get started on my second which I’ve a fantastic and unique idea for. I’m definitely going to experiment with first person as I agree, it becomes a lot more personal and works particularly well in the thriller genre.

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