Sex in the Story

It is no secret that sex sells. You can’t turn on the TV or flip through a magazine without seeing something related to sex. Don’t even think about turning on your computer to avoid it. It is everywhere. I have nothing against sex. It is a thing people do. People enjoy it. It creates life. Most of all, it makes money. There is a point in my book, where the fact the couple has sex is an important bit of information. What I am struggling with however, is the scene itself.

As I have mentioned in my first post, my mother will be reading this book. My entire family will be reading this book. I am having a hard time getting past that when trying to write this scene. I am 27 years old. I know my parents are aware that I know what sex is. It shouldn’t be embarrassing. But it is. I was raised Catholic. There are some things that we just don’t talk about. Sex is one of those things. The idea of my parents reading a sex scene I wrote makes so uncomfortable.

So, what I need to decide is how much sex is enough? I know I don’t need to go into 50 shades territory but I do feel like I need to show an intimate connection between the two characters. This isn’t a one night stand. The readers need to be able to see the intimacy. I want them to think, “I want that.”  I have gone back and forth with this scene many times. Almost as much as my POV changes. Either, I feel like it is too much, or not enough. It has been removed entirely a handful of times. Bottom line, it needs to be in there. I need to get over my discomfort. But, like most of my struggles I have mentioned, it will be difficult. I just need to keep reminding myself, I am an adult. My parents know I am an adult. I only have two parents who will read this. Once they have read it, it will be done. No more discomfort. I should probably make myself a sticky note reminder that says, “You’re an adult. Get over it!” I’ll add that to my to do list Monday.

What do you think about sex in a story? Is it important to you? Is it weird that I am uncomfortable with my parents reading it?

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