Friends in the Story

I know I am not the only person who does this, but a lot of my characters are based on people in my everyday life. I enjoy writing them into the story and they get excited knowing they will be in it. There comes a point though, when so many people want to be included and that obviously isn’t possible. At this point in my story, I can’t imagine introducing any more characters. It would get too confusing. Do you feel like writing characters you already know is a cop out? Should I be creating these people from scratch? Is that even possible anymore?

I also will run into the issue of since my characters are based on people in my life, will people assume my main character is based off me? I don’t think she is. But I do very often put myself in her shoes when I’m writing. I ask myself, “How would I react to that?” “Is that what I would say?” I worry at times that people will associate her with so that if she does something stupid they will see me in that position doing something stupid. Of course, this is another one of those personal issues that won’t actually make a difference when my book becomes a best seller and a bunch of people I don’t know are reading it. I worry about the silliest things. “What will my friends think” is up there, but not as high, as my parents reading the sex scene worry. Why are these things that bother me when I write? I am so critical of myself I can’t imagine anyone else being as critical as I am. How do you get away from that? Is it just human nature? I have got to get over these things if I want to finish this book. I give myself so many road blocks no wonder I struggle so much with writer’s block. I create it for myself and don’t even realize. I need to just get out of my head and write and not worry about any of it. I can worry once it is published and won’t make a difference. For now, I need to stop. It is blocking my creativity. I think I will add another post it to my wall of reminders tomorrow, “Stop worrying. Just write.”  By the time this book is finished my wall is going to be covered with sticky notes.

Do you like to write about what you already know? Any suggestions on getting over my silly worries?

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