One book down

I finished the first book of many in my research to being a better writer. The Execution of Noa P. Singleton by Elizabeth Silver. I enjoyed this book. The author was able to keep me hooked. I can usually figure out where a story is going to end before it’s over but with this one I was curious to the very end. I can only hope my book will keep readers questioning till the end. Her story didn’t require as much detail about the CJ system but when she talked about it she was able to do it with accuracy and it wasn’t boring details. I cannot see a way around the system for my story. So much of the story revolves around it that I will need to find a way to incorporate it correctly and not in a dull way. I am glad I read her book. It’s nice to read something and know without a doubt I won’t need to double check any details. That is another thing I hope I can do with my book. It just means I need to keep reading.

tattooedI already have book #2 started; Tattooed by Pamela Callow. She studied law in Canada.
This is her third book in what I have found out is a series but so far I don’t feel like I need too much of the other books to follow what is going on. I will probably try and find the other two that came before it. I’m sure it won’t be too difficult. Plus, if I enjoy this book it will be nice to read 3 by the same author to get a better feel for her writing style.

With my upcoming vacation I plan to get some good reading done. I will be in Vegas which will be full of distractions but it will also be my first break from both jobs this year. I plan on spending at the very least a full day relaxing by the pool doing absolutely nothing. Well nothing but reading. I need to make sure to pack a couple of extra books in the event that I finish Tattooed.

My posts may be short while I am away. I will try and keep them on point. I just really don’t want to use the excuse of being on vacation to lapse on my blog. I made myself a promise to write every day and I’ve only just started. If I don’t write while I am out of town then I will have already broken that promise to myself. I will be away the 13th-16th.

Do you think I should stress too much about my posts while I am out of town? Any suggestions on good books to read by the pool?

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