Today is the first day that I have been unable to come up with ANYTHING to write about here. It is so frustrating when my head is this empty. I cannot stay focused on anything. The phone is ringing more than usual at work so even if I do manage to pull something out of my head the phone rings and I lose it before I can even start. Today I am useless. My notes aren’t even giving me motivation. I am feeling very down about myself right now and I hate that I am already stuck and I’m not even 2 weeks into this blog. I even tried not thinking about my post and just working on my vignette for tomorrow. I got nothing. NOTHING. My brain has never been this empty before. How is it possible that my writer’s block has taken over even this part of my writing? There are no rules. I shouldn’t have any problems writing here. It’s like I have psyched myself out or something. Whatever. I am going to stop complaining to you and try to read some. Maybe that will shake some inspiration loose.

Sorry for the short post today. Hopefully I will be back to being a writer tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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