Job #1

Generally, my main job isn’t too stressful. I can get all of my work done and still have time to write. But if there was ever a day that makes you scream “I need a vacation!” Then today was that day. I didn’t have a single moment to myself. Even my lunch break was chaos. I am finally home, sitting on my porch, enjoying a beer, and the last bit of beautiful day we are having and I am still stressing about things I wasn’t able to resolve today. I will probably check my emails again in a little while in the hopes I’ll be able to go on vacation with some resolution. On top of that, I have all these new stresses in getting ready to leave town tomorrow. I am not normally a person that lets stuff out of her control stress her out. I think that’s why I am such a good customer service rep. I may get yelled at for things that have nothing to do with me but I know they have nothing to do with me so I am able to let them go fairly quickly. But every now and then they just stick and I can’t shake them off. I am hoping that once I am on the plane tomorrow headed to Vegas, all of these things will drift away and stay in Dallas where they belong. I’m sure they will. My only job for the next four days is to relax and enjoy my first days off this year. 

Wish me luck!!! 

Vacation starts now!


While my posts will probably be short the next 4 days, don’t forget to follow and stay updated on my vacation! Plus if you follow me on Twitter @andythewriter33 you will probably get some entertaining tweets! 


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