The bar

After a long weekend back at job #2 I find myself at the bar. While Sunday night isn’t the usual time for people to go the bar, I do find it to be pretty enjoyable. I get to drink away my stress from the weekend and people watch at the same time. There are so many characters at the bar that I can see while I’m writing even though they aren’t getting including my book.

For example, the late 40s woman with short blonde hair, a visor, a wind breaker suit and a blue tooth ear piece in. She is very friendly but I’m not sure she is in the right year. My inner smart ass wants to let her know that  2008 Bluetoothed and they want her to come home.

There is also the guy who just ordered a round of shots for him and his friend. Althoug, he keeps mentioning his kid. Now, I don’t want to attack good fathers. If you love your kid that is awesome. But no one wants to be thinking about your 5 yr old daughter while they are drinking…at least, no one you want to know.

We can’t forget the amazing bartenders. Being able to just get a drink without ordering is pretty nice. You feel special and like you actually exist. A good bartender is always on top of her game and the bartenders working tonight are no exception. When a bartender knows what you’re thinking before you thought it, then you may go to that bar too much.

OR they are really amazing at their jobs. My local bar is kind of a mixture. I may go more than I should, but the bartenders always know what I need.

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