Mucking Around


You will never guess who got a head start on her vignette for this week! I know! I am shocked too. Of course, I am requiring myself to post two on Thursday since I didn’t post one last week…shame shame. I am grounding myself until I get my assignments done. I will probably have to switch to hand writing for as much as I can just to keep myself away from all the distractions of the internet. My hand/wrist has been bothering me so much lately though that I can write longer if I am typing but I generally get less done because I manage to always get sucked into the internet. Until I can manage to get my work done more consistently I will force myself to hand write.

I do enjoy hand writing. I actually prefer it. But this hand/wrist thing has really gotten bad. I wrote a letter yesterday, only 2 pages front and back and it took me forever because I had to keep stopping because I was in pain. I broke my wrist in junior high and never let it heal properly. Ever since then I would sprain it really easily lately, it is getting weaker. I should probably see about doing some PT for it. I wonder if it would make a difference at this point? I don’t see why not. (Don’t you love when I answer my own questions?) As long as it continues to bother me it is just one more excuse on my long list that I have to fight against. And being in pain is a difficult excuse to fight.

I just stopped writing this I could Google exercises for hand and wrist pain. It is also possible I have carpal tunnel. I will have to start doing some of the exercises to keep my wrists in check…don’t you just love the internet? That is exactly why I will start grounding myself from typing and strictly hand write things. It is more difficult to keep from getting distracted at the office because I still need to keep my computer open but at home, I won’t let myself type up what I’ve written until I have finished. I am just too easily distracted right now and especially since I am struggling so much to stay focused on my writing, the less distractions the better.

Maybe I should come up with some reward system for myself. Any thoughts on what I should be required to do to earn rewards? Or thoughts on what the rewards should be?

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