Well, it happened. I officially missed a day. I had every intention of writing but I let myself keep getting distracted and then I went out and from there it had no chance. I totally forgot and then it was too late. I will admit I did wrong, accept my mistake and move on. No dwelling. Dwelling will just make me stubborn and I will stop all together.12743647_10153854884856291_3517265962251440651_n

Moving on, I started following this facebook page, The Writer’s Circle. They post things
I can really relate to as a writer. It makes me feel better. It’s one thing to know you aren’t the only one dealing with something. But it is another to actually see that you aren’t the only one dealing with something. It helps to see the posts about writer’s block and procrastination. My two main problems with finishing this book. They also post lists for different ways to say a weird or examples for describing things. I hoping that seeing their posts everyday on facebook will help keep me motivated to write.


Got to keep moving forward guys!

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