Job #1

I had such a great day at work today! I got to see another side of the business and I loved it! I would really like to do more of what I did today. I feel like a whole new set of opportunities are opening up for me and that’s really exciting. 

That being said, I’m behind on my writing and reading for the week but I don’t feel as bad about it since I am actually being productive at work. When I am slow at work and not reading or writing I feel much worse. Job #1 is one of those excuses that I won’t get down on myself about. It is my main job that pays the bills and enables me to work on my writing. Hopefully this weekend will allow for more work on the book. 

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6 books down

I finished High Fidelity by Nick Hornby. It was enjoyable. Very similar to the movie so it kind of felt like I had already read it before. As for its bathtub rating, it gets 4 bathtubs. The margins were a good width. They made it easy to hold the book with one hand without covering up the text. And since it wasn’t too thick, that also helped a lot with that. I think I will watch the movie tonight when I get home from Job #1.



For my next book, I am going to read Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk.  I really love this movie and I have seen it countless times. I already own this one. I have heard really good things about Chuck Palahnuiks books so I am pretty excited to read this one. I have wanted to for a while and always look for it when I am at Half Price Books but was never able to find it. I finally gave in and just ordered it off their website. I think I will start this as soon as possible. Obviously, I will keep you posted on my progress.

If you have any book suggestions, please let me know. I have a lot of reading to do and will need plenty of books to read.

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Easter sure came and went didn’t it? After working 8 hours yesterday and then going to family dinner, I barely made it home before I fell asleep. There was zero chance of doing anything productive after all of that. Also, it was already after 9 when I got home. Did you miss my never ending excuses? Me either…

I think it is time I actually make that schedule I was talking about. Could someone just do it for me? No? I’m an adult you say? I refuse to accept that. I can’t do it. I don’t wanna be an adult! You’re an adult!

Okay, temper tantrum over.

I haven’t finished High Fidelity yet like I thought I would but I am pretty close. I can finish it today easy. Once I finish it, I think I will re watch the movie. I have gotten to some parts that I can’t remember if they were left out of the movie or I just can’t remember. It has been a while since I watched the movie. Why this feels important to me? I am not really sure. But it does so I will re-watch it to find out. Can you imagine, if I had the movie version for every book I have that was turned into a movie? I should start doing that! Is that crazy? I think that may be crazy…okay, I probably won’t do that. Probably.


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Job #2 really kicked my ass today. It’s getting harder to get up and go there everyday. It has a few positives still but I am wondering how long they will be worth it. The physical and mental exhaustion is really taking its toll. When I stop and think about how long I have had this job it amazes me how long I’ve been able to keep going. But I can’t help but question whether I am really any better off than I was before I had it…I should really start getting my shit together and start being a better adult. 

New goal for the list: 

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High Fidelity 

So I have missed a couple of days but I have at least been reading AND writing! 

Currently I am reading High Fidelity by Nick Hornby and other than the location being set in London it is pretty much exactly like the movie which is impressive. I honesty didn’t even know this one was a book first. In my defense, I was 12 when it came out and didn’t actually see it until years later. It wasn’t one of those obvious books to movies for me. I will probably have it finished by Monday. It’s a pretty easy read. Don’t have a bathtub rating for it yet but that may change after tonight. Not sure what I will read next but I’m thinking about sticking to this book to movie theme. Since I am not against my future book being a movie, it feels like good research. 

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The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Well that was a quick read. Didn’t even get to give this one an official bathtub rating. Although, I can go ahead and say it would get 5 bathtubs.

Anyway, I enjoyed it. I went into it actually not knowing a thing about it. I had heard of it and I knew they made it a movie and I knew that girl from Harry Potter was in it. She was right? I could be wrong about that. As I was saying, I didn’t know anything about the story. Having it set up in just letters is I think what made it a quick read. I didn’t pay too much attention to the time line though, I ignored the dates quite a bit. But it didn’t confuse me at all. I had an idea about where it was going though as I read. The more he made certain off hand comments. They were well hidden though. It was a sad story but I feel it had a nice happy ending. Which is nice. There are a lot of people going through that same issue that won’t have nice happy endings. They will never get the help they need. They may never know they need help. Or that help is an option. They will continue down a path that one day they won’t be able to get off. I think this book may be helpful to some of those people. Their minds convince them they are the only ones going through this and I think reading a book like this, where they are seeing the progression of his mental state may start to feel familiar and offer a light at the end of the tunnel kind of thing. I don’t know though. Maybe I am being too optimistic. It can’t hurt though, right?

Like I already said, I liked this one. It was nice to finally want to read a book. I am pretty close to breaking up with Slip of the Knife and moving on. There was a point yesterday where I thought I had lost it and I actually thought, “well that would be the perfect reason to stop reading it!” but then i found it. Still, I think the fact that it has not caught my interest is reason enough to let it go. I was able to read The Perks of Being a Wallflower in one day. So it isn’t me. It’s the book.

So, I guess this is my break up with Denise Mina and Slip of the Knife. Maybe one day, I will come across it again and give it another chance but for now…



Now, to choose my next book…

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The thing about bandaids

Sometimes they don’t rip off as easily as you want. Sometimes, you stop yourself over and over.

I am going to take a break from trying to read Slip of the Knife and just start another one. After I finish this one, I will go back.


My new “currently reading” is Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky. I have multiple friends who want me to read this and it seems like it will be a good quick read to restart my brain. Maybe I will feel inclined to watch the movie after I have read it. Last fall, I read a few books before their movies came out with the intention of seeing the movies and I still haven’t seen them. But I guess with this one at least it has already been out for a while so I don’t have to deal with movie theaters. I can probably easily stream it.

I can already tell this book will get a good bathtub review.  It is very compact. But there is also a chance if I start it today I may finish it before I even get home to take a bath. Maybe then I will be ready to throw myself into Slip of the Knife…I sure hope so, because I am in serious need of a break from this. I wonder if the reason I have been having such a hard time with these books is that I made reading seem like homework instead of pleasure. I always had the hardest time in school reading the books the teacher assigned us. But I could always read the books I picked myself in no time. Ever since I started this blog the books I have been choosing have been for a specific reason. I gave myself assignments to help with my writing, only it seems to have blocked me from writing. I am not letting myself enjoy it. I turned it into work. I don’t want reading/writing to be about work. I enjoy it and want to continue to enjoy it. So I will start reading for fun again. I am no longer going to limit myself to genres. I am just going to read.

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