Making a schedule

I have decided to make myself a schedule to try and keep me being productive as much as possible. This schedule will be for my full day. It will include working out times, reading times, writing times, other creative activities times, cleaning etc. I am hoping if i can stick to it long enough then it will turn into habit and I won’t be so lazy anymore. That’s the hope anyway.

I am also taking a break from alcohol. Two weeks without alcohol to try to get my brain out of this fog. After Vegas and then my birthday week I feel like my brain just isn’t working at 100% and that is not helping my laziness and writer’s block. For the next two weeks, I will not be working under the influence of anything. Just me. Well and coffee. That is one vice I am not ready to give up.

So now, I just need to figure out the best way to create a schedule as an adult who has never been good at keeping to schedules that aren’t forced upon her. I wish I could afford to just pay someone to be my life couch. Tell me what to do, when to do it, and keep me on track. I am 28 years old and actually feel like I need a life coach…I feel like that is pretty pathetic. Oh well, no use making myself feel bad about it. I am who I am and I will adjust where needed to go through life the way I want to. Who cares if I am 28 and have to force myself to do things other people find easy? I have two jobs that I work hard at, I have my own place that I pay rent and all the bills on time for, I have a brand new car that I make the payments on time for, and I have 2 animals that I keep fed, healthy, and happy. Those are the big things. I am able to be a productive member of society. So what if in my free time I prefer to lay on the couch or hang out with friends instead of cleaning and working out? There are much worse things I could be doing. I see no reason to get down on myself about having a hard time staying focused in my free time. But, I do still plan on making a schedule for now. Right now, what I want to do it write. If forcing myself into a schedule for a little bit gets me to that then that is what I will do.

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