I spoke too soon

I decided to rip off the band-aid and push through this book. I am glad I did. It has gotten much more interesting as I read about the parts of this case I didn’t already know about I find myself wanting to turn the pages quickly to find out what is next. I am able to overlook her writing style and get into the facts of the case itself. It really is one of those situations that the more you learn about it, the angrier it makes you. I will be finished with it by the end of the day and hopefully will be able to somewhat shake off the anger I am feeling. I guess if the woman unjustly sitting on death row can shake off the anger, I should be able to, also. It really is sad how stubborn some people can be. Instead admitting they made a mistake, they are willing to let an innocent woman die. It blows my mind.

Actually, I am going to go ahead and stop here and go back to reading the book so I can finish it and try and let some of this go. If anyone is at all interested in the case, just google Darlie Routier. You will find a lot of stuff from both sides. Obviously make your own opinion but from what I have learned about it, the whole thing is crap.

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