Slip of the Knife


I chose a new book yesterday. It turns out it is a lot more difficult to find out the degrees writers have than you would think. I think I may need to give up on that plan. However, this author did receive an award from the crime writers association so I feel like this will be a good one. I have not made it very far into it yet and I can already tell you I am confused but this Scottish author. There are a few words that are not in my usual vocabulary and the main character is a woman named Paddy. This is fitting since St. Paddy’s day is on Thursday but confusing because I was always under the impression Paddy was the male spelling. I guess I can’t really talk there though since Andy is usually the male spelling and that is how I spell my name. This is another book where the main character is a reporter. That theme seems to be taking over. Sharp Objects revolved around a crime reporter. Purgatory was written by a crime reporter and now this one is a crime reporter too. I have also been sticking too the main characters being woman. That was unintentional but works out since my main character is woman. It adds to my research. Oh and I also unintentionally chose another book in the middle of a series…again book 3!

I plan on getting this book finished before Thursday otherwise it won’t get finished until next week and I don’t want to put it off that long. I think I can do it. If a book is good and draws me in then it won’t take me long to finish it. I just need to go into hibernation tonight and tomorrow. It will probably get a bathtub rating tonight. It is a little thick so it may not do too well. We shall see.

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