Change of Plans

After I finish this book I am going to take a quick break from the crime/thriller genre. Also, I think I need to not be strict with my “only authors with CJ backgrounds” rule. I am coming to more of the way of thinking that people don’t enjoy the stories that stick to exactly how they work. If I need to embellish or change some procedures around to make the story exciting and enjoyable then I am prepared to do that. I think taking a break from this genre will help me to get my focus back too. I have been struggling with these books and I don’t normally have such a hard time reading.

Yesterday, at Half Price Books I didn’t buy a single book from the crime/thriller/horror section. I got two books that were turned into movies AND the box set of the Sookie Stackhouse series. I got it for only $8! And they are all still in their original packaging. Those books were my guilty pleasure a bunch of summers ago. I think I would enjoy reading them again.

Okay, I have got to rip off this bandaid and read this damn book. Wish me luck!

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