The thing about bandaids

Sometimes they don’t rip off as easily as you want. Sometimes, you stop yourself over and over.

I am going to take a break from trying to read Slip of the Knife and just start another one. After I finish this one, I will go back.


My new “currently reading” is Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky. I have multiple friends who want me to read this and it seems like it will be a good quick read to restart my brain. Maybe I will feel inclined to watch the movie after I have read it. Last fall, I read a few books before their movies came out with the intention of seeing the movies and I still haven’t seen them. But I guess with this one at least it has already been out for a while so I don’t have to deal with movie theaters. I can probably easily stream it.

I can already tell this book will get a good bathtub review.  It is very compact. But there is also a chance if I start it today I may finish it before I even get home to take a bath. Maybe then I will be ready to throw myself into Slip of the Knife…I sure hope so, because I am in serious need of a break from this. I wonder if the reason I have been having such a hard time with these books is that I made reading seem like homework instead of pleasure. I always had the hardest time in school reading the books the teacher assigned us. But I could always read the books I picked myself in no time. Ever since I started this blog the books I have been choosing have been for a specific reason. I gave myself assignments to help with my writing, only it seems to have blocked me from writing. I am not letting myself enjoy it. I turned it into work. I don’t want reading/writing to be about work. I enjoy it and want to continue to enjoy it. So I will start reading for fun again. I am no longer going to limit myself to genres. I am just going to read.

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