Easter sure came and went didn’t it? After working 8 hours yesterday and then going to family dinner, I barely made it home before I fell asleep. There was zero chance of doing anything productive after all of that. Also, it was already after 9 when I got home. Did you miss my never ending excuses? Me either…

I think it is time I actually make that schedule I was talking about. Could someone just do it for me? No? I’m an adult you say? I refuse to accept that. I can’t do it. I don’t wanna be an adult! You’re an adult!

Okay, temper tantrum over.

I haven’t finished High Fidelity yet like I thought I would but I am pretty close. I can finish it today easy. Once I finish it, I think I will re watch the movie. I have gotten to some parts that I can’t remember if they were left out of the movie or I just can’t remember. It has been a while since I watched the movie. Why this feels important to me? I am not really sure. But it does so I will re-watch it to find out. Can you imagine, if I had the movie version for every book I have that was turned into a movie? I should start doing that! Is that crazy? I think that may be crazy…okay, I probably won’t do that. Probably.


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