Painting Again



I started painting again this week. I always forget how much fun I have. It helps me feel more creative and actually then gets me feeling like writing more. Another thing it does though is get my brain thinking about all the paints and supplies I need. I already want to go to Michael’s on my way home from work today to get a bigger canvas and some fresh paints. I have a whole piece worked out in my head that may or may not be plausible. Hey! Kind of like my book! A perfect example of how I am full of great ideas but don’t always have the follow through to bring them to life. Maybe if I can actually bring this painting to life it will help me stay motivated to bring my book to life. Until then, I will continue to buy paint supplies and books.

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Back on the horse

Welp, today I am patting myself on the back. I actually started writing again yesterday. Words have been written on paper. It wasn’t a crazy amount but I started again and that is the hardest part for me. I decided to take a break from the computer writing and have been hand writing. For some reason my writing flows better that way. There is no cursor mocking me when I pause for a moment. I am hoping to keep this up. Fingers crossed! I have a lot of work ahead of me still and need to keep myself focused this time. I am so ready for my break from Job #2. It is time to get the creative juices flowing again.

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Since the last time I wrote, I finished the 5th Wave Series (so good) and have started reading White Oleander by Janet Finch. I liked this movie so I thought I would give the book a try. You know me, I do enjoy a good book turned into a movie. I am about half way through and while I am enjoying it, it doesn’t have me sucked in so that I can’t put it down. It has started getting pretty hot and the mosquitoes are so bad which makes sitting on the porch to read a little miserable. I did, however, recently invest in an inflatable pool so as soon as I have free weekends from work I will be setting that up and surrounding it with those tiki torches that are supposed to keep the mosquitoes away. I will add a cooler of beers to the equation and hopefully I will have a pretty nice reading set up for my sort of vacation.

Seems like a pretty good plan to me. Plus, since I always get the most writing done when I have been drinking, I can end my days with a serious writing session. Starting to count down the days. 9 days until I have freedom from Job #2! I can’t wait!

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June 2

So, as you may or may not have noticed, I have not been writing at all for 2 months. June 1 came and went yesterday and my book is still unfinished. I can’t blame anyone or anything but myself. While my excuses will always be valid, they are still excuses. I will never accomplish anything if I continue to make excuses for myself. I am still committed to finishing this book before the end of the year. I have 6 months left to do it. I will be taking the entire month of July off from Job #2 so I will have weekends again for a month. I plan on using those weekends to try and get myself to relax again and be able to write. One of my biggest excuses has always been that I am too exhausted. It’s true. Trying to be creative when you work 7 days a week is tough. It isn’t impossible though. So, as I push myself through June, I will look forward to July.

When I last posted I was about to start reading Fight Club. It was an easy read but, a long with my not writing, I let the reading fall to the side. However, I did finally finish it a couple of weeks ago. Once I forced myself back onto the reading train, it has been easier to stay on track with that. My co-worker brought me some books that I wouldn’t normally have chosen and I read them both pretty quick. They are YA Fantasy books which as a 28 yr old woman I would think would be silly to read but I did actually enjoy them and hey, at least they got me reading again.I am going to re read the second book in the 5th Wave series today. The 3rd book came out last week and it has been so long since I read it, I cannot remember a thing that happened. So I will re read the Infinite Sea and then read the Last Star. I am currently 1 book behind schedule for my reading goal but that isn’t too bad. Plus, I just said I would read 24 books this year, not that I would read 2 a month so I am not too concerned with that.

As for the bathtub ratings for the last 3 books I read….I didn’t read any of them in the bathtub. Fight Club was paper back and belong to me so I could have and it probably would have been a fine bathtub book but with the weather starting to warm up, warm baths haven’t sounded as appealing. The other 2 did not belong to me and were hard covers. I would never risk trying to read a hardcover in the bathtub especially one that doesn’t belong to me. So the last 3 books were mostly read on my front porch. Aside from the bathtub, it is my favorite spot to sit and read. I only have so many good days before summer really starts here and then it won’t really be the best option. It has been raining so much that it is either been a decent temperature or so humid you are almost immediately drenched in sweat. I like to enjoy the nice days while I can. Maybe in July I will get an inflatable pool and set it up in the yard to read in. My new book rating can be the pool rating. I look forward to that.

Well, I guess it is time for me to stare blankly at my book while the cursor blinks at me. I swear I can hear the jeopardy music playing while I stare at the blank space and the flashing cursor.

If you are interested in the books I read in my absence, I have provided you with links directly to where you can order them.

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Those last two reminded me that I should never keep myself from reading a book just because it is labeled “Young Adult.” I know fantasy isn’t for everyone but if you enjoyed True Blood I think you would enjoy this series. Keep in mind there is one more to come and it won’t be out until next year…the wait begins…

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I promise to start writing more. Probably won’t go back to every day but I will write again.