Job #3

Sooo I started driving for Uber this weekend. I am hoping I can make enough doing that, that I can quit Job #2. That would be wonderful. At the moment though, I am just testing it out to see if it is worth it. If anything, it can be my beer money (even though I have no free time to actually drink anymore) plus I am bound to meet some interesting people. Or at least stupid people that make for a good story or good characters for my writing.

For example, I picked up a drunk woman Saturday night and took her home to her children. She lived in one of the richer neighborhoods in Dallas and was very chatty. While, she was perfectly nice, she did manage to annoy me a bit. She began to lecture me on safety. Something she knows plenty about since she has lived in “real” cities like New York, Paris, and Miami. She has also been mugged 4 times. Now, she is not dumb, guys! She has TWO engineering degrees. She insisted I should always be aware of my surroundings and only drive in “my area” because she could tell I was just like her. “Apple pie,” is how she described me. I nodded and said “oh yea of course, it can be dangerous.” She kept insisting I wasn’t taking her seriously. How could I? Living in Dallas, I must have a false sense of security because small towns, like Dallas, are so safe! Why would I ever for one moment fear for my safety? I mean golly, who ever hears about bad things happening in Dallas? She then asked me to take her by an ATM to get cash for her babysitter. I pulled up and she dug around for a bit searching for a debit card. There was a moment of panic that she may have left it at one of the bars she had been to. (Luckily, she found it, because I did not think I could stand driving her around on a hunt for her missing debit card). She then got out of my car with only her debit card and left her purse, wallet, and phone sitting on the seat…I still can’t figure out why she has been mugged 4 times. She is just lucky Dallas isn’t a “real” city or else I may have just driven off with all of her things.

So yea, I am sure I will get some more people worthy of sharing with y’all on here. That could make this whole Uber thing worth it. I mean, sure, drunk people can be a serious pain in the ass to deal with, but for the most part they can be entertaining as well. I will share every story I have with you guys.

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