Still Writing!

I’ve been going strong for a week straight now. Writing every day! It’s been a wonderful feeling. I can’t say how many words exactly I’ve written because I am hand writing at the moment and haven’t typed up what I have so far. I can tell you have written almost 35 pages front and back in my Game of Thrones notebook my friend gave me for Christmas. I’m sure when it’s all typed up it will look like nothing but it’s a nice feeling to see how many pages I’ve already filled and I haven’t reached a stopping point yet. I’m not sure if I have mentioned this already, but I’m currently working on an entirely different book. I needed to keep writing and kept getting stuck with the serial killer book that I went a different direction. I have always written books that are more or less based in reality and with my serial killer book, you know that I often struggle with “how things work in real life” when I am writing it. So, instead of working on my usual type of writing, I decided to take a page from all the YA fantasies I’ve been reading and try a world that I can make up as I go. Let me tell you, it is way more fun! Don’t get me wrong, I am still excited about and want to finish my serial killer book. That is THE book. But this one I have so much more room to work with. It doesn’t matter if it’s not “how things work real life,” because it isn’t real life. There is no way it could be real life. So my inner critic doesn’t question every sentence I write. I get to write and feel productive and happy and grateful to be writing again. I’ve even been able to push myself past the worrying about whether or not something needs to be in it. I just write. I have managed to finally get it through my head that this is the first draft. It doesn’t have to be perfect. What’s important right now is getting it all out and on paper and completed. Once this is done, I can go back through and edit and take things out and work from scene to scene to make them flow better or make more sense. My hope is that I will finish this one and feel so excited and proud of myself that I will then be able to take that fuel and get moving on my other book again.

All that being said, I haven’t written a single thing working on my descriptions. But I feel like my excuse is valid since I am actually working on my book and the whole point of those writing exercises is to help me break through my ever present writer’s block and that just isn’t here at the moment. Although, maybe keeping up with different writing exercises will help keep me from getting stuck again. If I keep my mind focused on one thing I may burn out again but if I switch around while the ability to write is still there, maybe I can make it last longer…

I’ve also been keeping up with my reading. Currently, I am on book 2, Prodigy, of the Legend series by Marie Lu. It’s about 2 teens in a dystopian America. Not going to lie, there have been parts that are pretty unnerving that make me feel like this the type of America we may be headed for…but I won’t be covering politics in this blog so that’s all I will say on that. Anyway, I am enjoying the books. I am halfway through this second one and then there is just one more left. (I am glad it isn’t one of those long series that isn’t even finished yet.)

I head back to Vegas next weekend for our annual trip. Since I am no longer forcing myself to post everyday, it will be nice to not worry about whether or not I’ve posted while I am drunk or in the middle of winning big at black jack (fingers crossed). I gotta say, I am ready for that vacation. Working every day is exhausting. I can’t wait to just do nothing. To not have to wake up and be anywhere at a certain time. I can’t wait to take a bath in the giant deep bathtubs in the hotel room! Perfect reading spot. And I can’t wait to see my friends who have since moved away from Dallas. It’s been too long since we have all been together.

Anyway, don’t forget to follow me here and on Twitter @Andythewriter33 let’s see how long I can keep the writer’s block away!