Elaborate all the things!

So I have been working on and off on my revising. Some days go better than others. I haven’t even made it half way through yet. But I am taking the time to elaborate all the parts I noted that needed more to them. There are a lot of places that I just kind of wrote the gist of it in order to move forward so coming back to those is sometimes a lot of work. Although, I must say, I am struggling less with writer’s block and more with my exhaustion. It is almost as if my eyes and brain are so worn out that when I should be writing, it is easier to zone out scrolling through facebook or adding things to my amazon wish list so I just do that instead. I thought for sure I was past that laziness taking over part but I guess it is still going strong and lingering.

I have also been working to clean up any plot holes I came across in my first read through. I have notes spread all over the place. In my phone, on scraps of paper that were closest to me at the time, anywhere and everywhere. I’ve got to sit down and get them all into one place so I don’t lose anything.

One thing I haven’t worked too much on yet, is the accuracy. I got all these book from the library and have been carrying them around with me everywhere I go but so far, I haven’t even used them. I have another week and half before they are due back and I can probably just re check them out online so there is no rush to use them but I guess I thought I would be ready for them at this point. I guess I will just have to keep carrying them around with me because I know as soon as I don’t have them, I will need them and then I will use not having them as an excuse not to work. I’ve got to always be sure that I can block any excuse I may come up with. We all know I am full of them.

On the plus side, I have officially started the plans for my new office/studio! I start the beginning stages tomorrow and by Monday, it should be all set and ready for use! Fingers crossed that actually happens! It depends a lot on my creativity and what I already have that can be re-purposed. Lucky for me, I have a creative sister and a creative friend who have agreed to help me with this project and between the three of us, I think we can pull it off. I am pretty excited about it. It will be great to have a space to work at home where I am comfortable but not too comfortable.  I have been talking about creating this space for so long, I can’t wait until it is finally finished.

Okay, I know I haven’t written much here today but I feel like I am using this as an excuse not to work on my revisions so I am going to wrap this up and get back to it.

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Time to Revise


After taking the rest of last week off, I started fresh yesterday. My mom was able to print off my book at her office and she even hole punched it and put in a binder for me. I got my highlighters, my post its, and a good pen. I made it almost, if not, halfway through and I can see I have some work to do to get this book where I really want it. I will be back at it as soon as I finish this post. I’m lucky I have a good desk at work to use. I am also lucky to be able to work on my book at the office. As long as I make sure I am doing my actually work above all else, I can work on my book on the side. Once I have gone through the entire thing and made my notes, I will start working to make the needed changes. I have given myself a new deadline of 8/31 to finish this second draft.

No more dragging my feet. No more excuses. This book is getting finished one way or another.

Obviously, I don’t think it will be done and ready to go after this first revision. Once this revision is done, I will need to start focusing on actual editing. Punctuation, grammar, sentence structure. I will need some outside help with that.

Honestly, I have no idea how long it will take to revise this. I am not even sure how many times it will need to be done. I guess I could hop onto google and get an idea on how many times it takes other people. Obviously, it is different for everyone but maybe if I could get a general idea of how long this should take it will help me get an idea for when I may be finished. Or give me a date to work towards anyway.

I was also able to get those books from the library to use as references which will be good. I think they will be very helpful in this part of the revision. I have already found some spots I need to check for accuracy and some scenes that could stand some elaboration and these books will help a lot with that. (At least, I think they should).



I still haven’t managed to create a good working space at home…I’ve started keeping my eyes peeled for a free desk since spending money on a desk just isn’t in the budget right now (which I am sticking to very nicely, by the way). Hopefully, with it being the end of the month here soon, people will be putting stuff out on their curbs for big trash and maybe a desk or two will be up for grabs. That would be convenient. Tomorrow, I will try and get a space prepared in my house so that when I do find the desk, I have some where ready to put it. There are a couple places that could work, but I will need to do some moving around for sure. Nothing I can’t handle though.

This post is gunna be a bit short today, I’m ready to get back to my book. Isn’t that exciting? 🙂

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Deadline Day

So, deadline day is here. I’ve been working really hard to actually meet this one.

I still had a lot to do yesterday and had zero motivation during the day. I think I wrote one sentence. When I got home from work, I pulled out a legal pad and a pen and got to work. I didn’t turn the T.V. on, I put my phone on silent and out of sight, and I started writing. I wrote until my wrist and hand were screaming at me to stop and then I kept writing. Around midnight:30 I wrote the big climax! With no real set time to finish today, I decided it was okay to get some sleep and finish up the rest in the morning.


So when I go to work, after I did all of my work stuff, I started typing. I typed up everything I had written last night and then I kept going until it was finished. My first draft is actually, finally fucking finished!!!!

I have got to say, I never imagined getting to this point. No matter how many pep talks I have given myself, I still had a really hard time picturing getting to the end. I know this is just the first draft and I am no where near being published but now, now I can actually go through and start really making it into what I know it can be. I’ve got some books on hold at the library (yes, library! no more nonessential spending remember?) And I will use them to help me work on all of the technical things that I need to go back over. Once I have gone through and flushed out the scenes that need it and corrected any errors I may have in my details, then I will sucker in my friends to help me edit it. I already know I will need help with sentence structure and punctuation. I was never great at that. I have always just written how I think or talk, never paid much attention to the technicalities. But that is okay. It will get done and who knows, maybe by this time next year, I will actually have a book I can hold in my hand…maybe. I don’t really know the time span of publishing a book. I am certain it takes a long ass time if I manage to find an agent and publisher.  If I self publish, it probably will be less time consuming because I will get to make all the decisions and won’t have to deal with negotiating contracts and what not. Of course, I am extremely indecisive so doing it myself and having complete control over what happens from here may take me a long time to make all the decisions. haha

Shit, my book doesn’t even have a name. I don’t even want to begin to think about that process! The name and the book cover. It will all come together though, I am sure of it.

Now that my book as a beginning, a middle, and an end I think polishing it up will be easier than I think. Of course, I say that now and then in 6 months I will be bitching about I feel like it is too short or too long or too whatever.

For your sake, and mine, I hope that isn’t the case.

Before I even start worrying about that part though, I need to focus on getting it polished up. I am pretty excited. I am feeling very proud of myself right now. I think I am going to step away from my book for a a couple of days before I dive back into it. Maybe I should print it off so I can mark it up as I read. I am not a fan of making the notes directly in word for some reason. It just feels weird. Of course, printing it off may be pricey so we will see. I wonder how much it costs to print things at the library?

Anyway, time to give myself a little break. I will take a short break and be back at it soon.

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Shoveling Sand

So I have 7 days before my self imposed deadline I set for my first draft.

Having this deadline has really helped me a lot when it comes to working through writer’s block. Normally I wouldn’t have chosen such a short time but normally it is a deadline I 100% control and no one else is holding me to it. For this one, I promised someone I would have it for them to read through on 8/15. I really don’t want to let her down so it has helped keep me on track. I’ve got it highlighted on my calendar at work, I have it in my phone, I have told numerous people about it (including whoever is actually reading this blog) so when the day comes, I won’t be able to miss it. I do feel like I can do this. I am even writing at home which hasn’t always been easy for me.

That being said, I have not written much today. But with the deadline looming, I can tell I will push myself more so than I usually do.

One thing that I have been struggling with the past week is getting distracted by research. I had my first bloody kill scene and I wanted to be sure every detail was correct. So, I hit the interwebs and started searching. I gotta say, if someone were to look at my search history right now, they may be a little concerned. Anyway, I start searching and then all of a sudden, it has been 3 hours and I haven’t written the scene yet. I need to start focusing on writing. I can always go back and correct or add details after I have gotten to the end. I need to be moving the story along right now more than anything. Does anyone else run into that problem? Where you try so hard to make it perfect the first time around that they can’t seem to get it done? I find I run into this with my painting a lot. Obviously, messing up a painting is more of a pain in the ass to fix than messing up my writing but it’s the same concept. It’s almost like, I am so afraid of negative feedback (I am my own worst critic) that I overdo and over think in order to avoid it. What I need to do is get better at accepting all feedback as positive even if it is someone saying I need to fix something I thought was right but really it is wrong. I think that is partially why I was drawn to working on that fantasy book. It has vampires in it, I can do whatever I want. The world can function however I want because it isn’t the same universe as the one we live in right now.

Speaking of the fantasy book. I REALLY need to get that typed up. Most of it is handwritten in a journal. I will add that to my to do list.

I made a list yesterday of all the things that still need to happen in my first story. It isn’t very long. That is a good sign. I really am making progress and should be proud of myself for that. Then I sat on the porch with my sister and talked about the book. Talked about what’s happening so far, what still needs to happen, and what I need to do to get there. It’s cool because she really enjoys hashing out the story line with me. Last night, she went off on a whole thing and I thought it was good. I liked the idea. But then I start to worry, can I write that now? I feel like it would be a cop out because I didn’t come up with it. She said she barely did anything that I still have to do all the work to make it actually flow but I don’t know.

How do you handle brainstorming sessions with other people? I really need/enjoy the out loud discussions of where the story is and where I want it to be. It helps me work through the scenes and stay excited about writing. Most of the time, it is me doing all the talking and then my sister adds input but last night it was all her. I didn’t have much input but I did like what she had. So what are the rules there? Is it lazy for me to take that idea and fit it into my story even though I didn’t really come up with it? How much of an idea is free game? Also, at what point do her ideas over throw my own? What if I’m no longer writing the book how I wanted it?


So many questions. So many things to get stuck on and procrastinate. We know I am the queen of procrastinating when it comes to this damn book. You know what? I am not going to spend anymore time thinking/worrying about that. I am going to continue writing. I will write until the story is finished. Then, and only then, can I start worrying about whose ideas were whose and which details about the dead body are accurate. I can make any changes I want, I just have to have something to work with first.  What is that thing about you can’t build a sand castle without a bunch of sand or something? I don’t know. Basically I need all the stuff to start with. The more stuff the better. From that, I can shape it to be whatever I want it to be. Because it is my book. I decide what happens. That doesn’t mean I still don’t need help along the way. I really appreciate all the people who have listened to me bounce ideas off them or helped me find a word. I couldn’t do this alone. I am lucky I don’t have to.


Found it!

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Just be Writing

So after I whined at you last week I spent the rest of the week planning my way out of the hole I dug myself into. The plan is there, but I am not 100% sure it will work. But I’m going to try. Pretty much about to go into full hermit mode for the next 10 months. If this works, I will have a little more breathing room. It will require some serious self control though which has always been my downfall. Hopefully, I can fill my new free hermit time with writing! And reading!

I am so far behind in my reading challenge for this year. It’s bad.

I did finish the third book in the Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J. Maas. I really enjoyed it. It was a slow start for me because I think it had been too long since I read the last one and I had a hard time remembering details about people or what was even going on. Once it picked up though, it really picked up. I read most of it in one day. I couldn’t put it down. If you like fantasy, I would recommend Sarah J. Maas. I have enjoyed a lot of her work.


Next on my list is to go back to reading some murder mysteries/thrillers to get myself back in the mind set for my book. I am currently reading Into the Darkest Corner by Elizabeth Haynes.


I read the first few pages already and I am intrigued. Hopefully it will get me going on my writing. I plan on trying to write something every day, again. Even if it isn’t for my book. I just need to get back to writing. I’m never going to finish my book if I don’t write, right?

I wonder how many times I have set up all my fool proof plans to get out of debt and finish my book and become a best selling author? haha! I am my own worst enemy. I am the only one who can change anything though. So, it is time to do it. It is time to get my shit together and have one less thing to feel bad about myself. It is going to be really hard, and it is going to require help/support from my family (I will probably be eating dinner at my parents house for the next 10 months) and friends but luckily, I have pretty much narrowed down my circle of friends to only those who are supportive and actually care about my well being over their desires to go do things and spend money. Plus, in the grand scheme of things, 10 months is nothing. It is less than a year. Once it is done, I will have 2 less things to stress about. That is something to look forward to! I will be putting some of my travel plans on hold (not Ireland though. that is 100% still happening Sept 2018) but once I will have more money at my disposal, it will be easier to make travel decisions. I think, in the long run, this is going to be so worth it and just have to keep reminding myself of that. Don’t you just love my motivational speeches to myself? Fingers crossed this one sticks!

So, I have barely talked about my book at all! I have gotten to this point where I am trying to start wrapping it up and I have this character who is 100% based on a friend I went to high school with and I am really enjoying writing him. I am nervous what he will think of his character but I think he will like him. I mean, hell, he pretty much is him haha. I have taken traits from people before for characters but I have never tried to put someone fully into my writing. It has been an interesting process for sure.

I am also excited to start writing her realization when she figures out who it is that is stalking her and making her life terrifying. I’ve started planting little seeds for her and they should be blooming pretty soon. Sometimes, I worry I am making her too dumb but I have to remind myself, we as humans to tend to be short sighted so hopefully she won’t really come off that way. Plus, it is always easier to see something from the outside vs when you are actually in the situation. I have to keep reminding myself to write her so that she is in the situation because she clearly is incapable of seeing the entire situation from the outside. I am thinking this book I am reading now will give me some ideas because it is one that is written from both perspectives (the killer and the victim). Sometimes, I feel like I need to add more to my killer. I have an entire background that I built up in my head for him that will never be in the book but I just have to keep referencing it as I write to ensure he reacts the correct way to things. Same with her, although, I don’t have as detailed a background for her haha I am not really sure why. His criminal profile is over flowing but she is kind of boring. I need to work on that too. I need to create some past for her to explain why she is acting the way she is in this situation. Maybe that is what I can write when I am not writing the book. I can flush out her personal history. Make her more of a real person.

Alright guys, I am feeling much more positive and motivated, if not a little intimidated for the next 10 months. But at least this post was more empowering than whiny, yea?

Time to get to work. These things aren’t going to do themselves.


May the writing gods smile upon you!

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