Deadline Day

So, deadline day is here. I’ve been working really hard to actually meet this one.

I still had a lot to do yesterday and had zero motivation during the day. I think I wrote one sentence. When I got home from work, I pulled out a legal pad and a pen and got to work. I didn’t turn the T.V. on, I put my phone on silent and out of sight, and I started writing. I wrote until my wrist and hand were screaming at me to stop and then I kept writing. Around midnight:30 I wrote the big climax! With no real set time to finish today, I decided it was okay to get some sleep and finish up the rest in the morning.


So when I go to work, after I did all of my work stuff, I started typing. I typed up everything I had written last night and then I kept going until it was finished. My first draft is actually, finally fucking finished!!!!

I have got to say, I never imagined getting to this point. No matter how many pep talks I have given myself, I still had a really hard time picturing getting to the end. I know this is just the first draft and I am no where near being published but now, now I can actually go through and start really making it into what I know it can be. I’ve got some books on hold at the library (yes, library! no more nonessential spending remember?) And I will use them to help me work on all of the technical things that I need to go back over. Once I have gone through and flushed out the scenes that need it and corrected any errors I may have in my details, then I will sucker in my friends to help me edit it. I already know I will need help with sentence structure and punctuation. I was never great at that. I have always just written how I think or talk, never paid much attention to the technicalities. But that is okay. It will get done and who knows, maybe by this time next year, I will actually have a book I can hold in my hand…maybe. I don’t really know the time span of publishing a book. I am certain it takes a long ass time if I manage to find an agent and publisher.  If I self publish, it probably will be less time consuming because I will get to make all the decisions and won’t have to deal with negotiating contracts and what not. Of course, I am extremely indecisive so doing it myself and having complete control over what happens from here may take me a long time to make all the decisions. haha

Shit, my book doesn’t even have a name. I don’t even want to begin to think about that process! The name and the book cover. It will all come together though, I am sure of it.

Now that my book as a beginning, a middle, and an end I think polishing it up will be easier than I think. Of course, I say that now and then in 6 months I will be bitching about I feel like it is too short or too long or too whatever.

For your sake, and mine, I hope that isn’t the case.

Before I even start worrying about that part though, I need to focus on getting it polished up. I am pretty excited. I am feeling very proud of myself right now. I think I am going to step away from my book for a a couple of days before I dive back into it. Maybe I should print it off so I can mark it up as I read. I am not a fan of making the notes directly in word for some reason. It just feels weird. Of course, printing it off may be pricey so we will see. I wonder how much it costs to print things at the library?

Anyway, time to give myself a little break. I will take a short break and be back at it soon.

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