Time to Revise


After taking the rest of last week off, I started fresh yesterday. My mom was able to print off my book at her office and she even hole punched it and put in a binder for me. I got my highlighters, my post its, and a good pen. I made it almost, if not, halfway through and I can see I have some work to do to get this book where I really want it. I will be back at it as soon as I finish this post. I’m lucky I have a good desk at work to use. I am also lucky to be able to work on my book at the office. As long as I make sure I am doing my actually work above all else, I can work on my book on the side. Once I have gone through the entire thing and made my notes, I will start working to make the needed changes. I have given myself a new deadline of 8/31 to finish this second draft.

No more dragging my feet. No more excuses. This book is getting finished one way or another.

Obviously, I don’t think it will be done and ready to go after this first revision. Once this revision is done, I will need to start focusing on actual editing. Punctuation, grammar, sentence structure. I will need some outside help with that.

Honestly, I have no idea how long it will take to revise this. I am not even sure how many times it will need to be done. I guess I could hop onto google and get an idea on how many times it takes other people. Obviously, it is different for everyone but maybe if I could get a general idea of how long this should take it will help me get an idea for when I may be finished. Or give me a date to work towards anyway.

I was also able to get those books from the library to use as references which will be good. I think they will be very helpful in this part of the revision. I have already found some spots I need to check for accuracy and some scenes that could stand some elaboration and these books will help a lot with that. (At least, I think they should).



I still haven’t managed to create a good working space at home…I’ve started keeping my eyes peeled for a free desk since spending money on a desk just isn’t in the budget right now (which I am sticking to very nicely, by the way). Hopefully, with it being the end of the month here soon, people will be putting stuff out on their curbs for big trash and maybe a desk or two will be up for grabs. That would be convenient. Tomorrow, I will try and get a space prepared in my house so that when I do find the desk, I have some where ready to put it. There are a couple places that could work, but I will need to do some moving around for sure. Nothing I can’t handle though.

This post is gunna be a bit short today, I’m ready to get back to my book. Isn’t that exciting? ūüôā

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