Elaborate all the things!

So I have been working on and off on my revising. Some days go better than others. I haven’t even made it half way through yet. But I am taking the time to elaborate all the parts I noted that needed more to them. There are a lot of places that I just kind of wrote the gist of it in order to move forward so coming back to those is sometimes a lot of work. Although, I must say, I am struggling less with writer’s block and more with my exhaustion. It is almost as if my eyes and brain are so worn out that when I should be writing, it is easier to zone out scrolling through facebook or adding things to my amazon wish list so I just do that instead. I thought for sure I was past that laziness taking over part but I guess it is still going strong and lingering.

I have also been working to clean up any plot holes I came across in my first read through. I have notes spread all over the place. In my phone, on scraps of paper that were closest to me at the time, anywhere and everywhere. I’ve got to sit down and get them all into one place so I don’t lose anything.

One thing I haven’t worked too much on yet, is the accuracy. I got all these book from the library and have been carrying them around with me everywhere I go but so far, I haven’t even used them. I have another week and half before they are due back and I can probably just re check them out online so there is no rush to use them but I guess I thought I would be ready for them at this point. I guess I will just have to keep carrying them around with me because I know as soon as I don’t have them, I will need them and then I will use not having them as an excuse not to work. I’ve got to always be sure that I can block any excuse I may come up with. We all know I am full of them.

On the plus side, I have officially started the plans for my new office/studio! I start the beginning stages tomorrow and by Monday, it should be all set and ready for use! Fingers crossed that actually happens! It depends a lot on my creativity and what I already have that can be re-purposed. Lucky for me, I have a creative sister and a creative friend who have agreed to help me with this project and between the three of us, I think we can pull it off. I am pretty excited about it. It will be great to have a space to work at home where I am comfortable but not too comfortable.  I have been talking about creating this space for so long, I can’t wait until it is finally finished.

Okay, I know I haven’t written much here today but I feel like I am using this as an excuse not to work on my revisions so I am going to wrap this up and get back to it.

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