As you know, 8/31 was the day I chose for my second draft to be finished. Well, it is and it isn’t. I have gone through and read the entire thing and made my notes of what needs to be changed. I have also then gone back through, page by page, and worked on those corrections. That being said, they are all hand written and not typed up yet so I am not sure if that counts as being finished or not. Thoughts?

I also didn’t get my office/gym/studio 100% finished like I planned. But I made a lot of progress and got my desk put together so really I just need to get everything organized and decorate and I will be done. Not too bad. I also need to find a chair haha. Meh, details.

Overall, I am just extremely exhausted and it has taken me all day to even right this teeny tiny post. I feel like I need another vacation where I don’t do anything except sleep and lounge around. All this productivity is wearing me out. I think I am going to try and learn to sleep with my eyes open for this last hour of work. Wish me luck.

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