phew. here i go again.

I am going to give this another try. Clearly, I have not kept up with it like I promised myself. I have continued to struggle with my completing my second draft which I think is why I really let this go. Who wants to read a weekly blog about someone not writing their book? The constant writer’s block and lack of confidence in my writing really got the better of me. When I start questioning everything I write then nothing ever gets done. The longer nothing gets done, the worse I feel about myself and the harder I am on myself for not doing it. The longer this lasts the less likely I am going to pick up my book and start writing again. I finally decided to just give my first draft with all my notes I made and the few pages of updates to one of my sisters to read through. She has been bugging me to read it since I finished the first draft and I didn’t want to give it to her before the second was done but clearly I need someone to give me a push. Now I am just waiting till she finishes it. Then I am going to make her talk it out with me. I have been having a hard time translating the story from my head onto paper and I am hoping having someone to talk it through with will help me get moving again. That’s the hope anyway.

In other news, I am still broke and working two jobs haha. I have almost gotten to a point where I am not totally miserable with my meds for my auto immune thing. I still have a good days and bad days. But the bad days are starting to come around less. I am hopeful they will continue to show up less and less. Being gluten free has been depressing. But I have lost a lot of weight and it has helped with my inflammation. I take my anti inflammatory medicine less frequently. I also drink much less frequently. Both of those things probably make my liver happy. It is very hard to be gluten free though. I miss a lot of foods. I still allow myself to cheat from time to time. I try to do it rarely though because it does make me feel icky and then my joints are stiff for a week or so after. For someone who likes to write by hand, having stiff fingers kind of makes that difficult.

I’ve also started fostering kittens. I just started and have only had one batch but it went well and I am about to get a second. Playing with kittens can be a good stress relief and I am helping to save lives. I figured, I can’t afford to donate any of my money but I can donate my time and space and give these poor babies a roof over their heads and someone to love them till they find their forever home. Plus, I’ll have endless kittens. Who doesn’t love kittens, right? Even my cat, who did not used to be a fan of other cats, broke down and was playing with the last kitten. I think this will be good for him and help him warm up to the idea of some day having another cat. Maybe I just sneak in an adopt dont shop agenda into my book hahah.

What else? oh yea! Ireland is officially booked! Well the plane tickets have been purchased and most of the hotels have been booked. I am so excited! Sept 24 can’t get here soon enough! Of course, I still need to save up a chunk of money so it can hold off a little longer so I can do that haha. I bet the plane ride over will be a good time to try and write! I won’t have anywhere to go for 12 hours and not many distractions. I will have to fill my phone with classical music, get some good headphones and get myself in the zone.

Okay, I am going to go ahead and wrap this up because I have diverted a bit from talking about writing. But now you are all caught up, sort of. Fingers crossed I will get caught up on my writing! Should I make a list for old times sake?

To Do or Don’t, I’m just a list:

  • Start reading again! 1 book a month minimum!
  • Start doing writing exercises- 1 a week minimum
  • Work on my book;┬á Write something new at least once a week
  • Start focusing on the positives in your life
  • Figure out what you want to be when you grow up


Those are good for now ­čÖé let’s see if I can keep up with that.

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