2nd Draft Deadline?

So I have spent the past 2 days working on my 2nd draft. Currently, I am trying to get everything I have already done typed up and in one place rather than scattered about on separate pieces of paper. Turns out, this has not been as easy as I previously assumed it would be. I had it in my head I would spend an afternoon typing all this stuff up and then get to work writing more. Apparently, I am not capable of blindly typing up stuff I have written a year ago that now bothers me. I keep getting held up re-writing. It is almost like I am working on my 3rd draft and my 2nd drat simultaneously. I did initially give myself till today to get it all typed up and, while I do still have some hours left in the day, I am going to have to stop soon so I can do other things. My co worker says I should stop giving myself unrealistic deadlines that discourage me when I don’t make them. (I gave myself this deadline with 2ish weeks left in the month. I feel like, realistically, that should have been plenty of time. But I do know myself better than that. As does she, apparently haha!) Anyway, so far this year, I have accomplished all the goals I have set for myself so if it means I have to just type when I get home tonight and have free time then I guess I will just have to do that. I am an adult, I want to finish this book. It’s not going to happen if I keep putting it off. We all know I am excellent at making excuses for myself.

In other news, I have decided on April 1st as my deadline for the 2nd draft to be done. If I can keep up with my goal of writing 3 days a week then this should be plenty realistic. Who knows, maybe I will even finish sooner? We will see. I have faith in myself. I think…Yes, I do!

Other things going on in my life? I am about to make my annual trip to Vegas! That should be fun. We didn’t go last year so it will be nice to see everyone together again. I’ll be going to California end of June for a wedding. And then, drum roll please, my sister and I are taking my nephew to London end of July! Apparently, after going to Ireland we are hooked on world travel. It is making money very tight this year though. Which is probably why I have managed to stick to so many of my goals so far. I have no money to go out and do anything else so I have been hiding away at home saving money and being productive. Who knows, maybe I will win it big in Vegas next weekend! Fingers crossed!

Check back next week to see if I succeeded at my goal for the month! Is the suspense killing you? It’s killing me!

Also, you can always follow my twitter @AndyTheWriter33 I am trying to post more there throughout the week. It’s a weird habit to start if you aren’t used to constantly sharing your every thought. Right? Well, anyway, sometimes I post things there. Check it out!


How do I Blog?

Almost 3 years ago (Jan 28, 2016) I decided I was going to start blogging the process of writing my first book. I learned that this is not something I am good at.  I have no drive to do something consistently that I am not good at. Even though, the more I do it, the better I will eventually get. I also wasn’t adding much variety to my posts. They were mostly “woe is me, I have writer’s block.” I never pushed myself to stick to this. I never pushed myself to do the things that may help me through my writer’s block.

As of August 15, 2017 I managed to finish my first draft of my book. Since then, I have done about half of the second draft. I honestly couldn’t even tell you the last time I picked up my book. This is depressing. This is something I have always wanted to accomplish. Something that holds a huge amount of importance to me. I have always been a writer. All through junior high and high school, I wrote “books” for my classmates to read and comment on. I loved it! It was always my goal to eventually have a published book. I know I can do it. I know my story is worth something. I need to push through and get it done.

I realize this is beginning to sound a lot like my other posts from the past. So far this year has been different for me though. I have given myself goals instead of resolutions and so far I am actually accomplishing them. So I guess what I need to do is come up with some goals for my writing. Nothing over bearing. It needs to be more realistic.

2019 Goals

  • Write 3 days a week; minimum 1,000 words a day.
  • Finish second draft
  • Read minimum 2 books a month
  • Create a post once a week

Nothing fancy. Nothing over the top. Short and to the point. No need to feel overwhelmed by that list. Those are doable things. I have every intention of getting them done and full faith in myself that I will!

If anyone still reads this, I hope I can keep your attention this time around.

Here’s to the new year! I’m gunna make it a good one!