The routine was always the same. Wednesday nights were for Candle Room. We may pre-game at a different bar from week to week but the end result was always Candle Room. I am not one for getting dressed and going clubbing, but for my best friend Kelsey I would always make the exception one night a week.

This night was no different than any other Wednesday night. We got ready at her place.

“You can’t wear that, it makes me look less dressed up.” I tell Kelsey.

“I’ll do your make-up and you can borrow some jewelry. It will dress that outfit up real quick!”

I agreed and go to get us more beers.

We pre-gamed at a bar on lower Greenville. They were having karaoke night. We ended up sitting outside to avoid the terrible sounds coming from the people singing.

“Let’s huddle up next to this heater. We should be able to power through our beers then we can go.” I say

You can never plan for the weather in TX. Even though it was February and you can usually assume it will be cold. Kelsey looks at the time on her phone,

“It will still be too early if we leave now. No one will be there yet.”

We decide to get another beer and wait it out in the cold. 3 beers later, we decide we have killed enough time and go close out our tabs. A group of girls are belting out Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing.

“How many times do you think that song has been karaoked in its lifetime?” Kelsey asks me.

“We may never know.”

We head to Candle Room and meet up with another friend who is waiting for us outside. There is a long line to get in, but we are ushered past them right to the front door. Kelsey is the liquor rep for this club so we never have to wait in line. I must admit, it is fun to walk past all the waiting people and get let right in. Makes you feel so cool.

“Hey girls! How are y’all tonight?” the door guy gives us each a hug as he opens the door for us. As we make our way inside, talking is no longer an option. The rest of the night is spent yelling,

“Do you want another beer?” or miming to go outside to smoke. I tend to spend as much time as I can outside, where I can actually hear myself think and move around in my own space. Kelsey joins me on one of my trips outside and she is catching me up on all the industry gossip when a tall man with long blonde hair walks past us towards the door.

“Lookm Kelsey. It’s Fabio.” I say poking fun at the guys look.

Kelsey grabs my arm and starts squeezing,

“Andy, I think that IS Fabio!”

Both of our eyes are huge and I stopped laughing immediately. Here, of all places, Fabio has just walked past us and he doesn’t look a day over “I can’t believe it’s not butter.” He goes inside and we both start trying to determine how to speak to him.

“We have got to talk to Fabio!” I urge Kelsey.

“No we don’t want to be annoying. He is just out trying to have fun.”

“Kelsey, it is Fabio! I am not letting this night end without having spoken to him.”

We head inside and you can just see how the crowd has shifted. Fabio has his own space and we are just standing nearby trying not to get caught staring at him; as is everyone else in the club. We both agreed it would be stupid to try and talk to him inside because it is so loud. We notice his friend is a smoker and we know that is our in. We take turns getting the drinks and one person keeps an eye on the friend. Finally, we see our moment. His friend heads out the side door to go smoke. We follow as subtly as we can. I pull out a cigarette and walk up to the guy,

“Excuse me, can we bum a light from you? I can’t find my lighter.”

“Of course!” he smiles at us and lights both of our cigarettes. We continue to make small talk with him and before we know it, Fabio is walking out the side door to join his friend! Kelsey and I both try to keep our cool as his manager introduces us.

We ended up talking with him for 45 minutes. His accent was thick and it wasn’t easy understanding him but he was very nice and took pictures with us. We found out he was there promoting his new skin care line and would be back in a few weeks to do the same thing. He even exchanged numbers with Kelsey to get in touch with her the next time he was in town. Unfortunately, the moment had to end sometime and Fabio had to leave to get his beauty sleep before his flight the next day.

We never did end up hanging out with Fabio again. He did call Kelsey a few times and when he was back in town he called for her to pick him up from the airport. She was unable to and that was the last we heard from him. Looking back on that night, the only thing I didn’t ask him that I wish I had was,

“How did it feel getting hit in the face by a goose?”


The picture is kind of dark but still awesome!