Ok Go

I was 15 years old when my older sister Carly introduced me to the band Ok Go. I loved them immediately and quickly made sure to buy all their CDs.

When they came to Dallas for a show it was right around my 16th birthday. Carly, of course, convinced my mom to let her take me to the show.  I was so excited! My first concert at a club in Deep Ellum and it was a school night.

I felt so cool walking around Deep Ellum with her friends.  When we walked up the club there was a long line. We got in it and waited our turn.

“Sorry, show is sold out.” The door guy informed us after waiting in line for what felt like forever.

“Sold out? But it’s her birthday and she loves this band!” my sister pleaded with the guy.

“Sorry, nothing I can do.” He didn’t seem to care it was my birthday.

We walked down the street to Café Brazil to regroup.

“I’m sorry Andy. I had no idea the show would sell out. I know you were really excited to see them.” Carly said.

“It’s okay. I am sure they will come back. We can see them next time.”

I was playing it cool because I didn’t want her to feel bad and I wanted to look mature in front of all her older friends. Really I was devastated. I had talked about going to this show all week at school.  When you’re 16, those things are a big deal.

“Let’s order some queso and I’ll grab the Observer. Maybe there’s a good movie playing we could go see.” Her friend says.

We looked through the Observer and weren’t having much luck when our queso was brought to our table. We all looked up excitedly only to be let down, yet again. It was one of the more disappointing bowls of queso. Even though the waitress had just brought it to us, it already had that film over the top from sitting out too long. Its pale yellow color resembled a citronella candle. Carly’s friend took a chip to it to try and stir the film away and we discovered it had the consistency of soup. We all shuttered and pushed the bowl to the edge of the table to alert the waitress we were not interested.

“When she comes back by we will get something different.” Carly said.

I could tell she felt bad about how the night was going. While we waited for the waitress, my sister and her friends continued to debate what to do so I didn’t have to go home early. I was zoned out, staring at the door when a group of guys walked in. As I watched them come through the door, there was something familiar about them. Then it hit me who they were, I sat straight up and grabbed my sisters arm.

“Carly, is that who I think it is?”

Ok Go just walked into Café Brazil.

“Holy shit,” her friend says under his breath.

We are all just staring at them as they walk over to the counter to order some food. Damien, the lead singer, looks up and notices this. He just smiled and waved. We all waved back like idiots.

“Okay, what are we going to do? Someone has to go talk to them.” Carly’s friend insists.

“I’ll do it!” I jumped at the offer even though I was terrified out of my mind. I wanted to look cool in front of her friends remember? I immediately hop up out of the booth and start to walk towards them. I am trying my hardest to play it cool. I walk up and Damien is the closest one to me.

“Hi, sorry to bother you. I just couldn’t help but notice you guys are Ok Go.”

They look up at me and I start to get super nervous. Damien smiles again, sticks out his hand towards me and says,

“That’s right, I’m Damien. What’s your name?”

Now, I don’t have proof because I couldn’t see my face but I am pretty sure I am bright red at this point, I shake his hand,

“I’m Andy.”

“Andy! Well, Andy! Meet Andy!”

Damien seemed excited about Andy and I having the same name.  After the introductions were done I wasn’t sure what the next step was. I was about to just say thanks and walk back to the table.

“So how is your night going, Andy?” Damien asked.

“Well, to be honest, I am kind of bummed.”

He actually looked concerned.

“Why is that?”

“Well, we were supposed to go to your show tonight. It’s my birthday and you are guys are my favorite. But the show is sold out so we couldn’t get in.”

I motion towards the table with Carly and her friends. Damien turns and looks at Tim and Andy, they all seem pretty excited by this news.

“We are sold out?!”

“Yea, we waited in this long line forever and then the door guy told us we were out of luck. So now we are just trying to find something else to do.”

I was very impressed with myself for being able to keep up this conversation without stuttering.

Damien looks over at the table and back at me,

“Well, how about this. How about, I put your name on the list and you come watch the show? How does that sound?”

“That would be awesome! Can my friends come too?”

“Well I can’t put everyone on the list but how about you and 2 people?”

“Okay! That would be so cool! Thank you so much!”

I write down our names on a napkin and hand it to him,

“Cool! When we get back I’ll give this to the door guy and you will be all set!”

Not long after that, we were walking back to the club. We got to the door and the guy once again told us,

“Sorry the show is sold out.”

It was so cool to get to say,

“We are on the list!”

me and damian 06

16 yr old me and Damian.